Thursday, 30 August 2007

Is the TOTP2 fanfare nearly over yet? not yet

TOTP2 will be back next month as Steve Wright saying. As I hope the special could get any better than this?

Jeepster - Pan's People - or the ZDF one on Disco?

Get It On (Bang-A-Gong)

Hot Love

Metal Guru - the christmas special was the surviving one.

Children of the Revolution - Guys have you seen this one?

I hope it be. It commerates the 30th anniversary of Marc Bolan with old archive clips to commerate his death. I should it call 'Marc Bolan & T.Rex Special', after the legendary Sting & The Police special this month, there's more to come from halloween and christmas specials. and another six themed specials from another year or so as that the BBC are saying. They will be showing the same performances for how long and will they show "Solid Gold Easy Action". Here are the clips below to click on them.

As the TOTP2 run of specials so far i've saw was 'Eurovision', 'Disco', and recently Sting & The Police special dedicated to the band's archived footage with 'Every Breath You Take' was live and rest of them like 'Message in a Bottle' was recorded on BBC Two's Rock Goes to College. Dear all T.Rex fans awaiting that you going to see the T.Rex special on that which would be shown or the BBC will show a mixed TOTP2 special. We will wait and see?

Monday, 6 August 2007

TOTP2 Sting & Police Special

65 Mins - BBC2 - 8:15pm-9:15pm (75 mins) - August 2007 (which exact date??)

BBC2 will be planning to show the Sting & the Police special over the next 5 Augusts. it could be one of them. some of it will show archive performances of The Police and also Sting. I've got a DVD which has his 2001 hit Fragile, which i've lost.

Was it yet to concide with their greatest hits album. I hope the Sting & the Police special will be good, I hope so. The Police's "Roxanne" was featured in the TOTP 30th anniversary show by Smashey & Nicey, I hope it be shown in full on TOTP2, The Police didn't appear although on Top of the Pops in the early 80s because it was the music video craze. Which decided to get their promo videos being aired on Top of the Pops. Plus they will be new performances alongside archived clips and videos in that matter!.

Well they are planning to show this - we'll wait and see. when BBC Two will be showing the Sting and the Police special. very very soon. TOTP fans can catch repeats of TOTP2 with showing the same performances on UKTV G2 til you watch the Sting & the Police special.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

TOTP2 Goes Eurovision!!

I've been transferring clips and clips from the TOTP2 Goes Eurovision show from Bucks Fizz, Katrina & The Waves, Bardo, Brotherhood of Man, Lulu, Sandie Shaw, and even Precious was the proud 1999 entry of 'Say It Again'. I'm sorry to people disappoint that it didn't have Dana's "All Kinds of Everything", Johnny Logan's "Hold Me Now", and Liquid Gold's "Don't Panic" (the following songs i wanted to be in TOTP2 Goes Eurovision), but i managed to get 2 Bucks Fizz performances okay there. TOTP2 Goes Disco is the recent special to be aired!!

Here's what George McCrae made of it.

George McCrae - Rock Your Baby (Top Of The Pops)
Uploaded by glamking2
Yeah! Right BBC will be showing the same TOTP2 specials on UKTV G2 in the forseeable future, also the George McCrae vid was not blaim to me of copyrights. I'll be setting up a new site called Veoh soon to download the files.